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Expressing gratitude freely and frequently

About Us

By a nurse, for nurses

Littlethanks® were created by a Registered Nurse who noticed a trend on each of the units at the busy urban hospital where she worked. 

"I don't feel appreciated"

On almost every unit, staff raised concerns of feeling under appreciated. Team members yearned for even just a minimal amount of recognition and thanks for their hard work and voiced that this would go a long way towards promoting healthier teamwork and subsequent improved patient care. 

The solution

Littlethanks cards were to created to try to address this common theme. They were designed to be small enough to fit in a scrub pocket and pre-written for easy access and delivery on even the busiest of shifts (which are the usually the ones that could benefit the most from shared thank-you's amongst the team)!

When the cards were used successfully on several wards, it was reasoned that the cards should be made available to as many nurses as possible. Delivery to Canada and the USA is currently available through our online store.

Happy thanking!